Your choice of wine for a date night

Are you wining and dining that special someone? Could be your date from the speed dating Houston events or a crush, the idea is, it doesn’t matter who the person is, but the choice of wine matters a lot! It gives an insight into a person’s personality and interest.

For a date, you need a wine that can spark romance, wines that portray the true essence of Love, if you choose correctly, a swirl of wine in your glass can serve as a form of foreplay. You do not need to say the word!

However, if you’re having troubles with the choice of wine for your date, here are few tips that will give you an insight on what to choose and as well spark the romance.


A gorgeous Bordeaux made with great finesse. It’s an excellent choice for a date and a wine lover; it offers hints of cedar, smoke, and a musky blackcurrant flavor. It leaves a lingering taste on the palate when taken.

Chianti Classico

Are you a lover of strong but less overpowering drinks? Then this wine is undoubtedly for you. Amidst its intensity, it’s good acidity, and smooth tannins make it surprisingly easy to drink. It’s classy and affordable.

 Blanc de Blancs Champagne

Phrases like “You’re all I’ve ever longed for.” are better explained with a bottle of this goddess, but still, it will deliver the message in a hoarse whisper, filled with soothing nuance. Aromas and flavors are of vanilla, citrus and floral with underlying musky pheromonal notes. Note; this choice is classy and affordable, it’s worth every penny spent on it and of course, every investment made.


Every bit of what you need to say is portrayed already by this wine. It’s white, wild, sweaty, sultry-all the things you should be on a date night. Depending on where the chardonnay grape is grown, each chardonnay in different regions tastes different. Some taste soft and leaves behind lingering notes of vanilla on the palate. If ever a wine were to be lascivious, this would be it.

Pinot Noir

Ever checked a whole wine store and can’t still make a choice? I’ll recommend a bottle of Pinot Noir; it’s widely known to be the most romantic wine; I’ll instead go for this than a bouquet. Its flavor is that of vanilla, raspberries, mushroom, and Hibiscus. This wine is beautifully balanced and when tasted lingers long on the palate. Pinot Lovers are full of personalities; they are great thinkers and perfectionist, always in tune with their emotions. They forever live for the moment.

Conclusively, when next you’re on a date, it’s advisable to pay close attention to your date’s wine order, you might likely get a chance to perceive who they are, their intentions and what the Love. And never forget, “wine is the most civilized thing in the world” according to Hermann Hemingway, to look civilized, you need a bottle of wine for your dates.

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