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Tips Regarding Stormfall: Rise of Balur

“Rise of Balur” is the tagline for this game. The tagline itself suggests the attractiveness of the game and gives a hot appeal to the game. But this the game as attractive as its tagline states? Well, those who have been playing will definitely agree, that yes it is. So, today we will discuss some tips regarding this game, Stormfall: Rise of Balur. Now, always remember, we are going to discuss tips on how you are going to excel in this game. People do use cheat codes for the betterment of the game and making it easier, you can also apply that method, but going the right way is always more successful to oneself.

Before going into the tips, always remember, if you need to excel, you need dedication. It applies to all parts of your life and in virtual gaming too. So, prepare yourself for dedicating to the game and then get into the tips to ease your way to perfection. Now, without wasting any more time, let us get started straight away.

Tips regarding Stormfall: Rise of Balur

Following are some of the tips you can follow to enjoy the gameplay and make it more interesting along with moving your way up to being the best.

  1. Firstly, join a team. No matter how independent and strong you think yourself to be, capturing and holding onto bases needs tremendous teamwork. The reason being the game itself provokes you to join a team. Teamwork is mandatory. You can be the hotshot of your team but never go alone, you will fall. Always remember, “To Rise is to Unite.”


  1. Make friends your timers. The reason is that initially, time will not be a factor, but once you earn your way up to the level 25 and 30, time will become essential, and this is where your friends will come into play. If you aren’t playing actively for a few hours, save tasks which take up several hours.


  1. You will find two kinds of troops. The red sword troops and the green sword troops. The red denotes attacking troops, and the green denotes defending troops. But you should select your troops wisely. It should have a balanced type of both. If you are going for heavy attacks, then you can opt for more of attacking troops and the same concept for defending troops. Only use troops of only one kind when you are in sudden desperation to totally defend yourself or to totally attack. Or else always try to maintain a good balance of your trip.


  1. Look for inactive players. Raiding them will give you plenty of resources and less of retaliation. This is because, when people don’t play actively, they don’t really have troops defending their abode and resources collected for many days. So, this is like a bonus for you.


We are hopeful that we have been successful in guiding you through the right way. Following this pattern will surely help you to excel in this game, and you can become a hotshot not only within your team but also in the world rankings.

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