Wine and Dating

5 interesting reasons to date a wine enthusiast

According to most people, they drink wine to drain their sorrows or enjoy a glass as you catch up with friends, or on a date with someone you meet on speed dating Houston. But there is a whole enchanting story about different bottles of wine. It takes a set of skills and learning to distinguish between refined taste of vintage and cheap wine.

Yes, it sounds like Greek to me too but it means something to someone else. Yes, we need to respect people’s opinions.  Away from that let’s discuss reasons to date a wine enthusiast.

  • They are romantic

Wine is always considered a romantic drink. You’ll be treated to many bottles of wine as you Netflix or chill, wine tasting events and other things romantic things. As you talk about pretty much anything, the wine heightens the experience and maybe you might become lucky.

  • They have exceptional senses

Of course, to be considered a wine lover, you must have a distinguished interest in it, not just drink to get tipsy. They mostly rely on their senses to properly experience a glass of wine. This requires a level of patience, passion, precision, and curiosity. Those are some of the qualities that are essential to a relationship

  • They have a vast knowledge about the world

To understand more about wine, you have to learn about how they are grown, processed and some other impressive details. Such people have interesting stories to tell as they are likely to be well traveled. They are a delight to talk too and you can always learn something new from them. The least you can do is have shown interest in their fascination. Support them even when you have no idea what they are talking about. They will appreciate you’re trying. Just don’t pretend to know it all, you’ll make a fool of yourself.

  • Their communication is skills are stable

Understandably, wine enthusiasts have exceptional communication skills. Of course, during the wine tasting, they have to express their feelings to appreciate or disapprove. So don’t be surprised when they are very outspoken. For example, you are on a date with a lady you met at speed dating Houston and she returns a bottle of wine and orders another. Hopefully, she’s not rude as she does it but most likely she knows what she is talking about. A good relationship can only thrive when the communication is great. This is a trait that will save you from unnecessary headaches.

  • They are foodies

I mean who doesn’t love food? Thankfully no one can survive without eating. The difference between foodies and just eating to survive, they have a special culinary taste. Different wines match up well with special types of food. This means that wine enthusiasts will be well conversant with different dishes on the menu. This will be a great opportunity for you to explore the art of making a dish and the passion required to prepare different foods in the world. You will get to adventure together into a world that will excite your taste buds.

In general, dating someone who is more into wine than you are is adventurous. You’ll be exposed to a wonderful world that maybe you had no idea existed. Enjoy the experience and learn a few great things as you get tipsy all together.

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